8D Money

...(Money) is an abstract collective concept that unifies humanity and has various forms in the physical realm.

One view to many views to an evolutionary view

What started it all was open-minded curiosity...


Evolution is a way of life... But there’s *a lot* behind this single thought.

The Four Quadrant View on Food

...that gives us subjective and objective development in both individuals and collectives; and reveals an integral view of the evolution of life - in all quadrants at the same time.

State (of Being) and Structure (of Mind)

The states of being are interpreted by the structure - any experience is thus a structure/ state event.

Evolving Self-Structure

...everyone can use them to illuminate their inner layers, understand their current approximate level of maturity, and get some sense of the next level of growth....

What is a paradigm shift, and why should you care?

...a “paradigm shift” is a radical change in consciousness that brings a new dimension to experience life...