Money is a specific frequency of living/ evolving energy. It is an abstract collective concept that unifies humanity and has various forms in the physical realm.

For BLOSSOMING Human, the opportunity to integrate the whole of Money, beyond a single form (e.g. dollars and euros) is appealing. This requires building an evolutionary context based on historical developments and projecting an inspiring future for the individual, collective, and the whole World. There is a real need to heal the broken monetary system that is holding us back. It is up to every single individual to participate in collectively healing Money itself. For this, we introduce a simple framework to look beyond the immediate surface, into the heart of the matter, and recognize the layers on top that are all part of the whole Money.

  • D0: open-mindedness, unitive, vehicle of a cosmic game. Money is (creator/ destroyer) energy.
  • D1: survival, existential, home, food
  • D2: magical, beauty, art/ architecture, gold, creative, sensual
  • D3: powerful, destructive, military, gold (again, as the perfect example of an amazing natural mineral on Earth turned into means to grab and hold power – “one ring/ element to rule them all”), fire
  • D4: higher authority, control, manipulation, FIAT system (dollar as global reverse), central bank printing, belief
  • D5: empowerment, success, entrepreneurship, capitalism, blue chip stocks, hope
  • D6: diversity, basket of assets, effective altruism, BRICS (“green” FIAT), heart
  • D7: integral, global, direct, Bitcoin/ digital gold, open
  • D8: regenerative, planetary, biodiversity, living design, local harmony is global harmony, embodied/ grounded

8D Money is a framework to understand and integrate the bigger subtler story behind money. It is to heal the whole of Money (and the Self) by creating through it as purely as possible. To include, integrate, embrace, and embody all the dimensions of Money. The secret (of abundance) is to find the balance between conscious output – to choose carefully what to support with money – and creating the input gates through which Money can come to you. This requires trust and pure incentives.

8D Money is a much richer concept than the following drawing displays, but it does provide the macro context of what’s to come on our continuing evolutionary path.