8D Food Approach™ is an informal PhD research thesis of the 8D Food embodiment model – to heal, connect, and enrich the self, food, and the whole living planet.

8D Food Approach, simply put, is a paradigm shift in understanding the essence of food, as the fuel of evolving life. Rather than narrowing the focus on a single “goal”, a preferred subjective opinion by an authority (a preference of how one “should eat”), we instead present a framework that enables us to use the notion of food at a deeply personal and collective level. We apply evolutionary development and show how food can be an elegant roundabout Guru for our entire life.

In this offering, we give access to our ongoing thesis and a supportive group.

Fundamentals – 8D Food Approach crafts the mind into elegantly structured framework, that is comprehensive yet simple and unique for all. For this to happen we necessarily deviate from standard PhD theses as we prepare the subject and offer deeply needed practices to root ourselves before we are ready to accept a comprehensive understanding of food. Additionally, we will take an hour-long “world trip” through the dimensions to get a sense of the following work.

Study of Food – In this section we build a deep understanding by incrementally including the many layers/ vibrational characteristics of food, connecting that with the inner subjective dimensions of the Self, and applying them in practice. This is as much about learning food as it is about learning the self.

Multidimensional Being – We learn to see integrally, that is, to simultaneously open our mind (involve) and increasingly include the dimensions within (evolve). We then show how to apply this in the context of food. After cultivating an ability to include the full past within and project future potential, we can self-harmonize. Food becomes a beloved elegant Guru for life. Simplicity beyond complexity. Whole.

8D Food Approach aims to achieve the following

  • a multidimensional full-spectrum view of the Self/ subject and how it perceives food/ object, going through each vibrational frequency with corresponding practices and contemplations.
  • an applied demonstration of the integral approach in food that can be then used universally.
  • provide a crystal-clear structure for using food as a truthful intermediary to learn, unify, integrate, heal, and ground the Self.
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