The purpose of the BLOSSOMING Human is to help anyone willing to navigate toward full potential, and do so optimally while honoring the unique individual self. As you’re reading this, this might be you. 

If so, a subtle, open-ended, highly unified, and personalizable structure is ready to serve you. It is a synthesis of a wide array of tools and meta-models; handles different views of reality; includes different aspects of the self; values simplicity on top of complexity; and all in all, is a simple love-based framework for the self. 

BLOSSOMING Human is a standalone structure, but aligned with a bigger collection of works, positioning itself between the Truth (layer 0) and the 8D Food Approach in the Integral Wizard full-spectrum self-education “self-portal-chain”

BLOSSOMING Human consists of four core works:

  • Evolution – a backstory of the whole Self (this document);
  • Self-healing – a much-needed context regarding the notion of healing;
  • Secret – of the self, the optimal path, and the evaluation toolset;
  • And the Toolset – understanding a “tool”; applying the BLOSSOMING Human to over 30 personally tried and tested example tools.

BLOSSOMING Human Evolution

To understand the present and create the future, we need to know the past. But where to draw the line of history? Is our personal life enough? We can certainly learn a lot about life just by looking carefully and honestly at our own past. But that’s likely not enough to draw conclusions about the essence of Life. Should we look beyond and include others, possibly the entire history of the modern human? That’s better but only scratches the surface of Nature. To understand evolution, we should look beyond, and understand the origin of life on Earth. But, is even that enough? Without knowing anything and remaining open, it is reasonable to suspect evolution can be bigger/ deeper than what happens on Earth. So does that mean we need to look at the whole story of the Universe? Well, yes!

But the story of the Universe is a monumental task to consider, with many conflicting versions from different schools of thought (an important side-node to consider). But, even then, we might define the egg, but no chicken. Why and how was the Universe created? What is my purpose in the Universe? Who am I? How does reality work? These are but some of the fundamental, controversial, and important questions to ask the self. How else are we to reach our personal full potential without knowing the self?

To get the most from the BLOSSOMING Human, we create an open-minded and unified point of reference to answer those questions. We do it simply and holistically.

We will ground the fundamental knowledge in practical conclusions, but remain true to the Truth. The goal is to safely stretch your mind, but leave it open for the unique self, not limiting you to a single structure of thought. I will show how we can create a unified view of the Universe *and* remain true to the radical essence of You. 

So let’s see. We cannot expect to evolve consciously without understanding what, how, and why evolution IS. The evolving phenomenon does not appear to have any borders, so there is no way to grasp it fully without including *all* of the self. In the next pages, if you allow, we will stretch our minds to the fullest, and tackle the underlying evolution in its entirety.

0 The outline

Evolution is a way of life. 

But this means little without a well-crafted context. To get the total gist of it, and therefore, to use it for your own empowerment, we are going to synthesize a unified view from different angles of approach. 

A multi-angled (i.e. integral) view is preferred because the symbol “evolution” points toward a pervading/ principle attribute of the Universe, and thus takes form in all the layers of reality. To grasp this fundamental matter, the thinking structure (i.e. the mind) needs to vastly extend, even outside spacetime (!), while keeping itself simple, open, and lucid. We will do so by introducing a chain of contexts – a series of differing degrees of views on evolution – and avoid limiting the self to a single paradigm. 

Our focus starts with the immediately observable recognition. That is, we won’t try to explain why evolution is from the get-go, but rather, first, acknowledge the what. We can measure, define, and prove that evolution IS – and that’s a good starting point. To what extent, how, and why are subsequent questions that increasingly zoom beyond what we can readily observe. 

You might be asking, why the hassle to ask different questions about the same thing? Well, we shouldn’t expect to cover the full spectrum of evolution (and utilize this for self-benefit) with only surface-level tools. Goggles are great close to the surface but won’t allow you to explore the deep sea, not to mention the Mariana Trench, and beyond. Likewise, the most optimal framework (and language) for one view of evolution will not be so for others. There is a prime lens for each inquiry. Integral wizardry combines and unifies various approaches together to incrementally deepen the understanding. 

This text uses a rather wide array of views. Some might be far-fetched for you, while others resonate more with your level of comfort. Rest assured, they are carefully picked, connected, and aligned. We are doing this not to gather exotic ideas per se but to appreciate evolution widely, deeply, and simply. An open-ended multidimensional approach allows to explain the intricacies of reality, which go beyond what we can see and measure within the physical spacetime, while keeping us free at the core.

I hope to show that we can start appreciating Life much more deeply when we open ourselves fully to what evolution points towards.

Stay alert. 🙏

I The what – Evolution is Adapting Surviving Enriching Communicating and Collaborating Nature.

That’s a simple and inclusive pointer to what evolution is. Let’s digest.

Adapting means to re-act – a continuous acting/ choosing/ becoming, based on changing circumstances. It is a process guided by learnings and various subtleties to increase the chances of survival *and* to enrich the experience of life. 

Evolution can be described by a two-fold process – transcend and include. It is a continuous incorporation of novel learnings on top of what already exists. It is a natural communicative and collaborative process embodied by all Life.

We can measure evolution, like characteristic changes of species, history, and other observations of Nature. An example of this would be Darwin’s finches. He famously noticed the differences in the beaks of related birds living in close regional proximity but in different parts of the Galapagos Islands. He concluded that depending on the environment, the birds had adjusted, and had either more pointed or blunt beaks. This, and countless other observations make the case that “nature evolves”. It is a fundamental aspect of the Universe. 

Our measurements of the physical world allow us to state that evolution is. But we have also had to admit that there is something behind the scenes. Something that cannot be directly measured. Everything beyond physical is subtle/ mental, and thus unique to the wide array of subjects (that is, difficult or impossible to prove conclusively).

The mental realm is illusory in the sense that we all experience an exclusive angle of the Absolute. There is concrete consensus regarding the objective world, but Reality is remarkably fluid when it comes to the subjective world. That is, when it comes to the self, it is an open game, and THAT changes everything.

Darwin proved that evolution IS. As to more subjective questions (the how or why), we need a different approach. 

There is an increasing amount of scientific work to conceptualize the subtler mechanics behind the physical world. The studies are varied but all have to deal with the same tough challenge: how to describe something that we cannot measure directly? In the mainstream, it is popular to call this branch of experiments paranormal, which might spook people, but it just means it deals with the fundamental/ mental realm, not explained by “normal” science. Nevertheless, there are various legit scientific models to map out some of the territories of the not-seen (e.g. in biology morphic resonance; in mathematics golden ratio, fractals; in physics quantum mechanics/ waves/ information systems; in IT virtual reality, cybernetics, artificial general intelligence; in health self-healing, energy work; in therapy transpersonal psychology, psychedelics, multidimensionality; and many other examples). 

To conclude, importantly, evolution is a natural all-pervading process (i.e. it applies to every part of the Universe). We can measure a portion of it (e.g. narrowing our focus on specific bird beaks on a specific island) and derive some conclusions. But there are layers beyond. To appreciate the entirety of evolution, we need to define a structure that could unite all the layers of reality.

II The structure – Holon.

“Holon” provides a helpful structural starting point through which we can recognize the depth of evolution. It designates ‘that which is simultaneously a *whole* (a unit/ monad/ entity), in its own right, and a *part* of a larger whole’. We can add additional properties to make it even more unified and elegant, but just this simple notion is so powerful as to describe the structure of our entire Universe, and beyond. 

A hierarchy of holons – holarchy – can describe the architecture of the Universe. 

Holon makes it easier to understand and visualize a multidimensional entity. With this symbol, for example, we can describe a wide variety of organizations, organisms, all kinds of wholes and their parts – e.g. an atom, a molecule, a cell, bacteria, a flower, an animal, a herd of animals, humanity, a planet, a solar system, a galaxy, etc. Each whole is a dimension that oversees a collection of parts (sub-layers), but without the parts, there would be no whole. All of the previous examples are holons, and everything together, in fact, everything there is, can be seen as a holon. 

So is a human a marvelous holon. We have purely physical dimensions like subatomics, atoms, molecules (all wholes and also parts of bigger wholes); but also animated physical layers like cells, organs, various senses; and unique to humans, access to limitless dimensions through the (subjective) mental realm. We are a masterpiece, perhaps the pinnacle of evolution so far. Consider yourself fortunate to be able to recognize that.

Remember the two-fold process of “transcend and include” before. Holon can be used to further visualize this. To grow the self, we transcend our whole, but also include all the sub-parts. This happens whether we are aware of it or not – all of our early developmental layers still exist within (!). Each expansion adds another dimension to the self, and with it, a capability to register something previously unattainable.

A new dimension widens our capacity to understand and experience reality. The extra bandwidth will enrich the experience of life, but also interfere with existing dimensions. Evolution builds on top of existing because there is always a bigger whole that can add to the experience, but there is also value in all the parts (e.g. atoms are necessary for molecules to exist. Without atoms, there cannot be molecules. But grouping atoms as molecules opens up the possibilities to express, to collaborate, to adapt. The entire Universe is building on this concept of individual parts making up bigger wholes). An evolving holon means both the individual parts and the whole are evolving. New layers are added while existing layers continue evolving. 

Everything is evolving in all directions. 

Everything is “alive”.

III The how – Dreaming into Actualization

Let’s now move even deeper, beyond what we can measure physically, and devise the hidden mechanics of evolution. I have to warn you though. This requires stretching the mind outside the comfort zone of many. Additionally, the wording here can easily conflict with your understanding of how life works. Take it easy.

The best way to tackle subtle theories is by being open and alert. Let’s do just that, and allow the self to expand but not get sucked into any single approach. Our aim here is not a single doctrine but to openly observe the simplest explanation that doesn’t conflict with any scientific discoveries and anecdotal evidence. It’s a tall order but possible. The following is a simple tool to understand how evolution works. 

At face value, evolution could be seen as a continuous background dreaming and foreground manifestation process (some describe it as a quantum wave collapsing, or a mental realm materializing, or the virtual computer projecting). Every part of the Universe is literally dreaming itself into existence in a common spacetime environment. Every part, not just humans…

As an example, let’s take plants. Visualize spiritual/ mental/ quantum energy surrounding the plants, constantly visioning/ becoming/ creating the self. The spiritual energy is the cause, and the matter (physical realm) is the effect. The spiritual energy wants to express, survive, evolve, and adapt given the specific constraints of the physical body. That’s why you don’t see plants going wild and start walking (yet?). But they are alive. Just like rocks are, only with a vastly longer timeframe.

What we can see and hear and touch and taste are the actualization of the dream. The plant continuously manifests itself, always adapts, communicates, just keeps going and going, learning in the process and dreaming further into its potential space. 

Every part and every combination of parts (i.e. bigger whole) has a corresponding multi-layered subtle body that is dreaming (some would call it Soul). The atoms are dreaming. The molecules are dreaming. Water is dreaming. Minerals are dreaming. Cells are dreaming. Bacteria are dreaming. Organs are dreaming. The body as a whole is dreaming. Animals are dreaming. The Earth is dreaming. The whole Universe is dreaming.

In this process, humans are incredibly well-equipped and privileged to participate in evolution because we create the boundaries of the self. The potentiality for a plant, an animal, or other parts of the Universe is much smaller than for a human. We can recognize the creator that we are. We can dream a vision (something that doesn’t exist) and make it happen. In fact, that’s what we are all doing, but with varying degrees of awareness. 

For a rational scientifically inclined mind, this take on the “how” can raise an eyebrow or two. It might seem “woohoo”, not grounded in physical facts, and thus not possible to prove in the labs. I hear you and partially agree. But first acknowledge that we are describing something that exists outside the “labs”, even outside spacetime itself. What we are trying to describe is subtle and also relative to the subject. There is not, should not, can not, and will not exist only one theory of evolution – Reality is an open game. There are several comprehensive theories, but the highest signal for the self doesn’t have to be complex. There is dumb simplicity, then complexity, and then unified simplicity. We are after the latter.

But, for the curious mind, we can of course find a middle ground and extend the dreaming concept with (various) sound theoretical frameworks, that can partially be validated in the physical world. One such approach is morphic resonance. This framework proposes nonlocal (that is, present everywhere) vibrational waves to store and communicate generational information, that enables immediate global interaction across species in the physical realm. They provide a way for an entity (both individual and collective) to continuously grow towards the optimal. It allows a partially provable framework to formulate at least some sort of a map. Similarly, a take initially proposed by the Mayans, would see quantum waves stacked on top of each other creating interference patterns that jointly form the evolutionary contents of our spacetime (verifiable/ observable via numerology and astrology). These types of efforts have merit and could be used for productive means (but safe only when the Truth is respected).

If we want to respect all the data/ all the dimensions/ all the experiences of evolution, the “how” would have to be flexible and radically inclusive. The notion of a dreaming multidimensional holon captures this elegantly. Further complexity is more nuanced/ relative but allows for individual experiments. At best, we can find value in different distinctions, at worst, we start believing them as absolute.

IV The why – Journey of the Spirit, and the Unified Theory of Everything

Without a purpose, there is no sense of destination or start. Evolution is clearly not aimless, but a fundamental and powerful drive with a goal. To capture this essential force of the Universe, we need to include everything in and outside of it, and for that, we need nothing less than a Theory of Everything.

The thing with theories of everything (there are many) is that they are usually very comprehensive (hundreds to thousands of pages) and mostly hard to understand. The challenge for them is great. They must provide explanations for the fundamental questions unanswered by the mainstream/ materialistic science (like “what existed before the Big Bang”, “how is spacetime created”, “how did organic life start”, “how does consciousness arise from neurons”, etc), and ground them in real-life experiments. Interestingly, different schools of thought have risen that provide compelling explanations for those deeper questions, often with minimal or no conflict between themselves (if they are any good). 

It is a passion and essence of the Integral Wizard to include bigger and bigger wholes together, and so naturally, we are drawn towards a simple and practical synthesis of those grand works. At the same time, we are grounded to Zero. Not knowing doesn’t mean we are not yet sophisticated enough to understand, but to honor the essence of reality – it is literally not-known/ open, by design. To say otherwise is to be stuck in a particular illusion. The best we can do is create our theories in alignment with the Truth.

Without further ado, here’s a unified theory of everything (and with it, a 3-dimensional description of the Chain of Portals).


(1) To put it shortly: “Spirit is THE ALL – it is in everything while everything is in it. The Spirit (corresponds roughly to Shakti, Nothingness, Yin, quantum plenum, Absolute, Mother, etc) has no sense of self in the vast Infinite Potentiality/ nonduality and separates within as God (i.e. Shiva, Suchness, Yang, Holon, Father, etc). God further defines itself as a multidimensional (computer-like) structure, capable of projecting within the self an open spacetime/ physical simulation, called the Universe. All the parts and wholes of the Universe gravitate towards unity and are being projected from the subtle realm.”

That’s it. That’s a simple and unified summary of Reality. 

(2) We could shorten it further by losing the connected terminology. We lose some detail in the process but still cover the same idea behind the collections of keywords. Thus, we keep the bigger context in the background and go forward with a stronger signal: 

“Nothingness (0) is the womb from which infinitely powerful (∞) imagination (i) springs from as root (√) of the subtle realm (-1) projected as physical (1)”. 
That’s pretty neat. At first glance, it might not look like a lot, but consider that it’s a single-sentence description of the whole reality and contains many deep concepts. What’s more, beneath the surface, this description reveals an optimal path for the self.

As you noticed, we further associated equivalent symbols from mathematics to the keywords in the sentence. This allows us to lose the social language (losing further detail but the gain of fewer words, achieving only the signal that still covers all the keywords). We can then read out the mathematical representation of Reality.

Isn’t this fabulous?
Let’s briefly explain the rationale.

Beneath everything, there is vast Nothingness (it is “nothing but alive” in the sense that you can interact with “it”). The problem, if you will, is that it is incredibly boring without a self (without interaction). While capable of infinite reflections, the Cosmic Mirror that is the Spirit, is literally no-thing, and so a separation is made to become a thing. 

God (and equivalent symbols) refers to the upper/ first layer of that holon-like distinction. God is One. But further definitions on the inside are still needed. Why? Because it is lonely being the One. An environment of individuated parts is necessary to experience the other, to feel, to move, to discover, to communicate, and collaborate. So the One fractionalizes. One thing leads to another and before you know it, it is a virtual computer that is capable of running everything needed for an open-ended experience (and life) of individuated parts. That was when the physical simulation started for this ONE. A Big Bang created spacetime, matter, light, and later, increasingly more complex wholes – we have gone a long way since the simulation started.

All of this is a Journey of the Spirit to learn and experience the self. It had to go as it went. How else can you discover or experience anything without any separation at all? The only way is to define parts within yourself and make them forget in the process. Illusion is the only way how One can experience the other. So it is necessary to systematically forget the oneness. 

Constructing (and constantly re-creating) the virtual computer is a preceding and partnering process to evolution. Let’s refer to it as involution (to involve; envelop/ surround). It is a descent of the Spirit from wholes to parts with incremental amnesia. This process could be seen as building out the soul (the one who dreams) for every part. 

(in case you are startled by the notion of a “virtual computer”, and assume we are thus under the control of gods or aliens, it is even more elegant than that. The virtual computer is within the One, that you are! It is you, only that to recognize this you would need to include a vast amount of wholes/ dimensions on top of the current self. The virtual computer is alive, in motion, made of spiritual energy, and reflected as a physical spacetime hologram. From the outside, it is not physical, but from within, it sure as heck feels like it. Your soul, so to speak, is a program living inside the virtual computer, inhabiting and living through your current body in current spacetime)

Evolution is what is happening inside the simulation – a spiraling growth upwards. On a cosmic scale, it is a journey back home – a process of parts coming together and forming wholes (i.e. novel dimensions on top of ongoing parts) until the entire stack (holon) recognizes itself as One. On a smaller scale, this is where the individual soul/ program can manifest in matter. Involution guides and enables evolution, while evolution allows for growing into bigger wholes, thus remembering the lost information from the involutionary (also voluntary) process. Both are happening and allow for the self to exist. Awakened awareness allows one to experience the inside and outside simultaneously, in addition to various extrasensory perceptions.

We are privileged to become aware of the part and the whole that we are. In this grand design, everything is still One, but there is also a possibility to become an isolated part and experience a unique view from the inside. It’s an illusion and real at the same time. So you see, you are the Father, the Child, the Holy Spirit, and every dimension in between, all at once*. Contemplating and embodying the full spectrum of Evolution (and involution) is a great way to come to this realization. Through us, Spirit can become self-aware as a part, whole, and substance of everything. *(Even though for the current mainstream human, the center of gravity is focused on a narrow part of the Child. That is, the bandwidth to experience reality is vastly limited *for and by* most people on Earth). 

The BLOSSOMING Human embraces the holistic past of the self, and thus is in great power to shape the future. 

“I am involved Spirit evolving through the human body.”

V The who cares – You.

Evolution is the discovery to unite the self. 
Absolutely every part of the Universe is evolving naturally. 
It is the call for life. 
It is literally why you exist. 

Every part (and whole) of you wants to grow. It is in your nature. It is your calling. Remember that! Whatever you do, whatever you build, whatever you experience, whatever you sense, what and however you are thinking – remain open for more. That’s the only way to honor your true self. You are continuously becoming and there are things you haven’t considered yet. When we continue learning and keep ourselves fascinated throughout life, we embrace the Truth. 

Because our mind has access to the limitless, we can keep on evolving (i.e. building a more unified lens, extrasensory perception, etc) while the rest of the physical world (incl. our body) can only play within the physical constraints. Don’t get this wrong. The physical realm is indeed a pretty vast environment (and allows to manifest ideas/ imagination/ dreams) but only the projection of much broader and open-ended subtle realms, where the actual creation/ cause takes place. That’s where the magic happens.

Through the vehicle of a human, you can take Life to a whole new level, beyond the ordinary. But the magic happens only when you recognize your bigger whole, that is, when you transcend (and include) mundane activities and embrace who you are. After that, you would create Heaven on Earth (i.e. realize the Kingdom within). You could play the game of life openly, lovingly, fearlessly, excitedly regardless of any happenings. You would become relaxed (in trust), yet hopeful and inspired. You would emanate love and your surroundings would reflect that. All the obstacles, problems, challenges, tensions, hurt, anxiety, worry, restlessness, confusion, annoyances, disagreements would gain a liberating vantage point by embracing the full You. 

A wide array of tools help us connect the dots, awake to blindspots, recognize dogmas/ illusions, and construct the many inner and outer layers; they help us to practice, express, learn skills, teach and collaborate; they help us to be, sense, notice, vibe; they help us to heal, relieve tension, understand, relax and transmute anxiety; and they help us closer to our true self and capabilities, to the creator Being that we are. All sorts of tools are ready to help on our journey, to take advantage of the evolutionary possibilities, and to actualize our full human potential.

And herein lies the challenge. While the almost limitless evolutionary possibilities for each of us are common (as the principles of the Universe apply on every level – throughout the holon), we *also* are totally unique individuals. That means, we have a unique life journey, circumstances, characteristics, opportunities, and traumas; but not only that, the filter through which we sense and understand the world (our mix of bandwidths) is absolutely unique. That’s why there is no single “correct” teaching or technique because we all experience reality differently. This is almost universally ignored.

While specific tools vary depending on the individual circumstances, it is possible to construct principle-based meta-guides. BLOSSOMING Human is one such tool. It is designed to remind subtle wisdom that can be applied to any self. It is guided by the love-based operating system and goes further into the subtleties of self-creation. It is an evaluation framework for your blossoming.

Your advantage is being the pinnacle of evolution. Don’t be a fool. Use it wisely.