In order to write and understand what I and Eerik were creating, I needed to step into my healing journey. More precisely, acceptance and integration of my wounded parts and arrival into love-based being. 

This personal journey is still on-going, but a baseline/ fundamental understanding of a new me is already achieved. Defining this epic educational model took us from going through mental breakdown, psychosis (twice) and suicidal depression (both through Kertu) to defining a full-spectrum self-portal-chain – a base for self education (by Eerik through We are a twinflame union and it has been challenging yet extremely rewarding and opening journey for both of ourselves and for our inner growth. All what you can study with us through this Academy is a creation from our deep experiences, practices, study and work. 

I’ve been pondering around this topic for many times – why did I need to experience such horrifying mental challenges? I started to realize it was a perfect storm designed to wake me up and put me on the deep healing path in order to remember my true character in this life; and consequently to create this epic model of layered understanding of human self through food. 

Years 2016-2018 I was so passionately and diligently in the food journey of finding truth in this topic (I had just found out about plant-based diet). I was led by my heart, left my day job and quit my master degree studies in corporate finance … I felt I was guided to go towards something very meaningful and important and I couldn’t continue with my current life (working in a bank and studying finance). But then the breakdown incidents happened, 2018 with the first psychosis, then two years of being totally lost, almost losing my life (being suicidal). This was an insane challenge (a wake-up call) from my higher self. I do believe we create our hardships in life to make us evolve. This was an existentially difficult challenge that was needed to start remembering and building the new me (my truest self) for the benefit of what we had discovered and embarked upon with Eerik.

I came through this mad period of my life thanks to my twin-flame, my family and my deep thirst for knowledge and growth (that led me to eyeopening literature of psychosis and depression). Now I’m more here, more healed, and more integrated than ever before. I will continue my vision for this new “world-defining” education of food, the self, and the integration of all. Thank you for reading and I invite you to come and follow snippets of wisdom through our regular instagram presence (link).